New Blue Mansion

Penang 0 /10   Bar, Bunga...     RM -

Standing strong since the 1880s, the bravura 38-room, 220-window mansion was recently nominated a...

sit 200
stand 210

New Hideout @ 3

Petaling Jaya 0 /10   Bungalow, ...     > RM 2,500.00

Hideout @ 3 is a bungalow lot in Section 12 which is fully equipped with a private pool, perfect ...

sit 30
stand 50

New Sunway Nexis Concourse Area

Kota Damansara 0 /10   Concourse ...     RM -

This space is perfect for roadshows, product and media launches, as well as marketing events. Loc...

sit 300
stand 350

New Monkeycup Cafe

Penang 0 /10   Café, Eve...     RM -

Cozy and trendy cafe along Jalan Chow Thye, only peaberry coffees are brewed here as well as only...

sit 80
stand 90

New Awesome Canteen

Penang 0 /10   Art Galler...     RM -

One of the must visit places in Georgetown, Awesome Canteen serves awesome Paleo inspired dishes,...

sit 60
stand 90

New Tropical Spice Garden

Penang 0 /10   Event Spac...     RM -

Once an abandoned rubber plantation, Tropical Spice Garden is now one of the biggest natural sett...

sit 80
stand 100

Hugo Steampunk Premium Lounge

Petaling Jaya 0 /10   Bar, Café...     RM -

Your first ever steampunk themed, relaxed hangout place for all ages, with a unique new concept o...

sit 100
stand 200

KIP Hotel

Kuala Lumpur 2 /10   Hotel     RM -

This business class hotel located off Jalan Ipoh offers its many unconventional spaces within for...

sit 70
stand 90

Get Cosy

Wangsa Maju 0 /10   Event Spac...     > RM 550.00

Get Cosy KL is a new and unique space right opposite Wangsa Walk Mall in Wangsa Maju to host your...

sit 70
stand 70

Sarang Space

Kuala Lumpur 0 /10   Conference...     > RM 1,000.00

Sarang is a space that allows you to be imaginative and inventive. It's wooden flooring and brick...

sit 75
stand 120

New Tavern in the Park

Penang 0 /10   Café, Eve...     RM -

Tavern in the Park is strategically placed inside Hin Bus Depot, exuding that artsy feel. Its sur...

sit 60
stand 90

Drift Dining

Kuala Lumpur 0 /10   Bar, Event...     RM -

Located in the heart of town, Drift Dining is a modern Australian restaurant which has heavy Asia...

sit 150
stand 400